Welcome to the Peter Stevens Design website.

Professor Peter Stevens is one of the world's best-known and most sought-after automotive designers.

He is a consultant designer who is committed to the vital importance of design education. Alongside his consultancy, he lectures internationally, and teaches at London's Royal College of Art.

He is well known as the designer of the McLaren F1 road car which marked a paradigmatic shift in high performance car design. It was produced between 1993 and 1997. It remains influential and acclaimed.
Peter has specialised in the design of innovative and high-performance vehicles, including the MG X-Power SV, MG TF, Jaguar XJR-15, Prodrive Subaru World Rally Championship-winning car, Lotus Esprit MkII, Lotus Excel and Elan SE as well as BMW’s 1999 Le Mans winner. His focus is on creating visually pleasing, light, safe, fuel efficient vehicles, articulating the design process around aerodynamics and the development of innovative processes and materials.
He has been nominated twice for the Prince Phillip Designer’s Prize, was Autocar magazine’s Designer of the Year in 2002, and received the British Design Council Award for the Lotus Elan SE.
PSD LLP, Peter's consultancy, is currently involved in design and consultancy for a variety of vehicles for home and international markets. Recent projects, under confidentiality embargo, include low-cost vehicles for transportation in developing countries, a high performance electric race car, and energy efficient public transportation solutions.

All vehicles featured on this website are designed by Peter Stevens, except for images in the illustration and inspiration sections.